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Internationalization does not just mean exporting; it means to become able to undertake the opportunities offered by international markets, to all sectors/aspects of a company’s activity, as a tool to increase its competitiveness.

Thanks to the experience of its management and consultants, New Ideas is the suitable advisor to match a global vision with the firm’s own capacities and resources, through the following services

Creating and continuously adapting the commercial proposal and the organization to stay closer to the markets and customers, and establishing a durable link with them, is one of the most challenging goals in these years.

The increasing digitalization and the subsequent reduction of timing in all daily procedures, both in personal like in professional life, impose an effort to update our own knowledge of scenarios, to prepare or even anticipate the evolution/change.

Marketing&Sales is thus required to stay close to its commercial network, listen to the info coming from it, continuously monitor competitors, verify the possibilities to increase efficiency, have curiosity towards other practices and experiences, even coming from other sectors. With a specific focus on after-sale activities, today even more important than sales ones.

New Ideas is the suitable partner to assist your company towards this evolution and competitiveness increase, with the right reactivity and timing.

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Internationalization today means to adopt more and more inclusive solutions and activities.
The complexity each company has to face, requires a larger range of alliances and supporting networks.
In every moment of a company’s life, the entrepreneur cannot just take care of his/her own interest, but he/she is required to have a “win-win” vision also towards weaker, but important, partners.
Availing on more qualified managerial instruments and skills means increasing competitiveness and appeal of own “business-system”, face to industrial and commercial partners, who look for a strong support to complete/strengthen their market attitude.
New Ideas is the advisor to enlarge the vision, putting at disposal of entrepreneurs and managers many of these instruments, which are important in some phases of the company’s life, but without the need to internalize them.
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Competitiveness and appeal of an industrial system are more and more determined by the efficiency of its territory and the modernity of its social-economic system.

Accessible and effective Welfare and basic public services, proper education-work integration to reduce youth unemployment, inclusive and integrative policies towards weaker – but potentially productive -categories of citizens, responsible management of natural resources and of the territory, ability to adopt and implement policies of sustainable development in small rural areas, limitation of urban expansion, etc.

The impact on efficiency and quality of local communities that the increasing authonomy of local public  administrations and regional governments, require a deep knowledge (even a historical one) of territories and their vocations, an appropriate skill to easily solve daily situations, but also to handle with larger vision and wider sinergies the most complex challenges.

Learning from good practices, experiences, solutions already adopted in other geographical/sectoral contests may help to successfully face important challenges.

Typical examples are thematics like competitiveness of metropolitan areas, PPP (public-private partnership) in many fields of public services, the proper management of companies providing public services locally.

New Ideas, whose mission is to allow the adoption and implementation of “new solutions” coming from other experiences, is the right and versatile partner also for these organizations.

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