INNOTRANS 2018, Berlin

//INNOTRANS 2018, Berlin

INNOTRANS 2018, Berlin

Every two years the week in Berlin, on the occasion of INNOTRANS Exhibition, is an experience.

Probably the most important railway exhibition worldwide, INNOTRANS always represents an indicator of the main trends in global development, growing vs decreasing countries, regions, continents.

A renewed financial panorama, traditionally strong industrial powers, emerging optimism and manufacturing capacities, the appealing atmosphere of a cosmopolitan like welcoming city at the end of summer.

Also INNOTRANS 2018 has confirmed the international growth on-going, but also the limitations imposed by the political regional tensions in various areas of the world.

Countries like Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, once again have shown their ability to promote their sectoral supply chain with a global and competitive vision. China is the new entry in this club, with a fully recognized role.

Italy, India, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Russia are more and more showing their manufacturing attitudes and entrepreneurial capabilities, with beautiful companies&groups, innovative technologies, motivation for further growth.

The New Silk Road project and the African continent are the current playground of this sector, with passenger and cargo transport demand, need of infrastructure, different paces in responding and implementing, increasing number of credible national and macro-regional institutions.

But also technological challenges like the new power supply solutions (the first hydrogen powered train presented by Alstom, the German e-bus cluster presenting its solutions), the increasing digitalization of transport networks with the subsequent synergies and potential, the new mobility models for passengers and goods affecting the geography of metropolitan areas and of rural environment.

The enclosed video of the area dedicated to the vacancies posted and presented by the exhibiting companies, is witnessing the sparkling phase of this sector… astonishing experience for those who are used to the lack of opportunities caused by inefficient and farraginous national systems and (dis)economies

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