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Project Description

Centro Servizi Macchine Agricole (CESMA) – Reggio Emilia

The co-ordination of internationalization activities for the district of Farm Machinery of Emilia Romagna Region, represents, already along the ‘90s, an example about how a comprehensive outlook may help to adopt correct policies for a sustainable development, both from the industrial and territorial points of view.

Market research, international marketing, international co-operation for farm mechanization development in third countries (with particular focus on former socialist block countries, whose high role of co-operatives is a distinctive feature), participation in EU funded projects, working groups on new sectors of application, products’ certification, VET of operators, shared R&D projects, have helped the SMEs to enlarge and strengthen skills and business areas, reducing entrepreneurial risk, without being forced to become larger companies.

CESMA has aggregated over 200 companies of the District, offering them service for a total turnover of 1,5 mln Euro, involving over 10 resources among employees and consultants.


Project details

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200 associated companies

Turnover over 1,5 mln Euro

Over 10 resources among employees and consultants

1 accredited laboratory for testing and certifications

Participation in more than 20 EU funded projects

Expertises delivered in more than 30 countries, worldwide, on subjects of Farm Mechanization, Agro-food machinery, systems and processes