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Project Description

European Institute for EurAsian Dialogue

Business is not (just) mathematics.

Internationalization means, much before numbers, to have the curiosity to understand other ways of life, other rules of cohabitation, other cultures, other ways to do business….and the pleasure to dedicate time to better knowing each other.

EIEAD, was born in 2013, a the “policy making” arm of the same organization as New Ideas, in order to properly develop international relations with a larger view and longer time in comparison with what is normally needed in business terms.

This is not in contrast with business, but instead it is a complementary aspect, developed in another place, which is more suitable for such activities.

EIEAD is the ideal tool to make valuable the acquired experiences of working with clusters and all other types of SMEs aggregations on international scenarios, starting from those areas which show similar attitude towards culture, tradition, attitude to manufacturing activities, since the very beginning of handcraft.

Industrial co-operation projects, economic studies, cultural events, international relations in geopolitics and geoeconomics with the Eurasian region represent the playground for EIEAD.

EIEAD may rely on the support of sectorial partners (RAILMED, Italian Blue Growth, ecc), institutions aimed at the economic promotion of territories, public and private organitasions who better fit to represent the Italian skills and experiences around the world (


Project details

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since 2013

12 projects, events, missions, conferences implemented

7 partnership agreements signed with organizations from 5 different Eurasian countries


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