Blue Economy, ‘Seafuture & Defence Refitting’ – La Spezia

/Blue Economy, ‘Seafuture & Defence Refitting’ – La Spezia
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Blue Economy, ‘Seafuture & Defence Refitting’ – La Spezia

The consolidated knowledge of the Ligurian district in the sector of Defense, the complementarity of skills, sharing the same goals with DLTM and Consorzio Tecnomar has allowed our  organization to be part of the SEAFUTURE Defense Refitting, since the 2014 edition.

SEAFUTURE perfectly represents the capacity to suggest and assist SMEs aggregations to adopt, partially or totally, new business models to prevent and transform low peaks of markets in occasions to prepare for international contests with a new industrial&commercial approach, a new organization, a wider view of the business.

Transferring successful business models from one sector (railway, in this case) to another is no guarantee of success. It requires a detailed preliminary study, strong determination to pursue its decision-making, extreme care in its implementation.

The practice of Refitting allows the re-employment of used machinery, by revising them, replacing, updating, modernizing parts, products, technologies, systems: with the result to provide the user with a solution suitable for the application needed, whose prolonged operative lifetime, reduced delivery time and better price-quality relation, allow the supplier to have an offer available for all customers.

Since 2014 EIEAD and New Ideas, together with their La Spezia partners, have been succeeding, becoming with SEAFUTURE a real driver of internationalization and of business development for th SMEs of the sector of maritime technologies. But also a promoter for diversification of application of the same technologies, towards other sectors, like Oil&Gas, Monitoring and Protection of Marine Resources, Civil Protection, Idrographic and Oceanographic Research.

The Edition 2018 of this extraordinary Business Convention has seen the participation of 177 exhibitors, 4000 professional operators, 42 Military Navies from the five continents.



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177 Exhibitors

4000 Professional Operators,

42 Military Navies present.