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Project Description

Smart study

VET in the field of Internazionalization represents a focal point in management consulting activities.

In fact an important share of the time devoted to assist companies, is often dedicated to the informal update and exchange of practices with the employees.

This is a bi-directional/multidirectional flow of information, since every consulting activity is requiring a detailed knowledge of the sector, procedures, uses.

For this reason New Ideas, other than designing and implementing training projects for single companies, ensure teaching modules within courses and masters of accredited institutes, has since years studied ideal solutions to allow entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and employees to update their own skills, without ignoring the limitations that the factor space-time is imposing.

Realizing the e-learning platform named, has represented the first New Ideas proposal:

  • Training events, seminars & congresses to be divulgated in streaming mode;
  • Training modules to be “downloaded”;
  • Remote (online) participation at b2b sessions, with foreign operators and foreign correspondants.

New Ideas, strong of this first experience, aims now at making these sinergies valuable with the other services and activities of the organization, through the E-Networking module of this website, toward the following:

  • Organizations (associations of entrepreneurs, professional bodies, etc) who gather enterprises, needing to divulgate contents, news, updates;
  • Companies who need to train their technicians, salesforce, after sale operators, who work in “remote” mode and transmit their skills in a more effective way;
  • Professionals, entrpreneurs, managers or private citizens who intend to increase their own skills in the field of internationalization.

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the first website on remote VET and streaming events about internatonalization